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The Ways of Copying

Subscribing to a signal is much more than copying trades or at least it should be.

Our subscribers receive money management advice and news updates, helping them to adapt their investment profile to ever changing market.

Ease of communication offers peace of mind and clarifies any questions that arise during the copying process.


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Signal Start



25% a mo

Traffic Crazy signal

High risk since Jan 2019

Night scalping & smart grid

10% a mo

Candelabrum Quit signal

Low risk since Aug 2018

Candlestick patterns & Fibonacci levels

6% a mo

Smart Fibo signal

Low risk since Feb 2019

Moving Averages & candlestick patterns

10% a mo

True Range signal

Medium risk since Feb 2019

Accurate night scalping & smart grid

700 subscribers

2.5M invested funds




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Traffic Crazy

$60 $30

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High return / high risk

Candelabrum Quiet

$60 $30

Monthly fee

Dangerous & risk strategies free

Smart Fibo

$60 $30

Monthly fee

Dangerous & risk strategies free

True Range

$60 $30

Monthly fee

Medium risk / high return

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